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Ceiling Fan Install in Airdrie

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Ceiling fans help circulate air and provide cooler air flow, allowing you to raise the thermostat setting in the summer and decrease it in the winter. For the energy use of a light bulb, the ceiling fan is a very cost-effective way to be comfortable and save valuable energy dollars. AOM Electrical Services team will install your ceiling fan on your existing pre-installed fan box or install new wiring, switches, dimmers and a fan-rated brace box for any area of your home, as required.

Need a Ceiling Fan Repaired? 

AOM Electricians are professionals when it comes to ceiling and bathroom fans installations. We can help you with installing, reinstalling, wiring/rewiring fans of all sizes and models. If you are facing problems with your ceiling fan or if the fan no longer works with your interior design, call us and we'll get it fixed.


Bathroom Fan Installations

It is important to ventilate bathrooms to avoid damage caused by excess moisture. Damage could include growth of mold and mildew,  warped woodwork or peeling paint. The costs of these repairs can be expensive and the potential health issues for you and your family are far greater.

We regularly stock our trucks with standard bathroom ceiling fans. AOM Electrical Services can be your one stop shop for bathroom ceiling fan installations.

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    EV Car Charger

    Take your home into the future with a highly-reliable EV Charging station for your electric vehicle.

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    Panel Upgrade

    Upgrade the reliability, capacity, and safety of your breaker panel

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    Outlets & Switches

    Switches and outlets become defective after time. Our technicians can test to check if replacement is needed.

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    LED Lighting Upgrades

    LED lights are now the most energy-efficient and cost effective option for homeowners

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    Install A Ceiling Fan

    Our Electricians will make sure your fan is balanced and wired safely - a great alternative to air conditioners

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    Backup Generators

    Having a Backup Generator will give you peace of mind in a power outage

  • wiring

    Electrical Inspections

    Let our Red Seal Master Electrician inspect your panel, outlets, GFCIs and switches, and exterior conduits to ensure everything is working as they should

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    Aluminium Wiring

    Replace aluminium wiring with up to date copper wiring

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    Home Automation

    We can install smart home systems and devices, including light switches, thermostats to home theatres, automatic blinds, door locks and more.